Google gives you approximately

When you search on Google, Google gives you approximately 19 results. In which there are 11 Google AdWords or PPC listings, 10 organic listings and 7 Google places listings. These 19 results have been divided into two sides – left and right. Left side which covers approximately 60% space of the page generally consists of 3 or 4 PPC Ads, 7 Google places (depends) and 10 organic listings (almost) whereas right side only has near about 8 PPC Ads as of September 2013.
People have tendency not to click a lot on ads and click on organic results instead because that’s where they trust search engines for quality results and you don’t have to pay per click on organic listings too. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.
There are also plenty of sheltered anchorages. All together, sailing charters in the BVI are great for both first-timers and more experienced sailors.BVI sailing charters are well known as relaxed and family-friendly vacations, due to the optimal mix of consistent trade wins, line-of-sight navigation and simple deep-water island hops.
To understand a little about the serenity of the BVI, consider that they are not only lush and beautiful, but also the height of buildings is restricted to being no taller than a palm tree, accenting, rather than interfering with, the bucolic landscape. The social aspects of the BVI are enhanced by the absence of direct flights from other countries, so the islands are not over-crowded with tourists. Those you do meet will hail from the sea as they make land excursions from their yachts, BVI sailing charters, and island-hopping ferries

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